You can listen to me chat with your favourite podcast or streamer about the game.


Adam Koebel – First Look

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

Episode 307: Nobody Wants to Be a Gate

Chat with Eric Vulgaris & crew

The Redacted Files

Free Spacer Interview with Christoph Sapinsky

[Insert Quest Here]


Actual Plays

Check out the game in play. See how it has changed over time and what sort of science fiction you can make with Free Spacer.

Role Playing Public Radio


Eric Vulgaris Actual Play


FRS Auspicious Preview

I ran a streaming a campaign on Roll20 and Twitch between  October 2017 and March 2018. Check out the game on YouTube and tell your friends.


Free Spacer successfully Kickstarted on September 18th, 2018 and rewards have all been fulfilled. To get the word out, we made a series of videos to tell you all about it.

Kickstarter Date Announcement

Kickstarter Pitch

Game Mechanics