Free Spacer

Free Spacer is a science fiction tabletop roleplaying game in which you and your friends take the role of a starship crew operating in the Orion Quadrant. As a Free Spacer, you are outside the struggle, an outcast, dreamer, or mercenary; pulled in to deal with trouble no one else will. Commissioned as deniable assets by one of the many Orion factions, Free Spacers have a freedom no one else does and a dangerous and unpredictable reputation on the rim. The average drifter knows you are liable to do anything to complete your contract, whether that contract is to gather information, explore the unknown, hunt pirates, or wage a secret war; most know to stay out of your way and there rest are about to find that out.

Free Spacer, you’ve been commissioned to operate this Colonial Type, Corvette Class starship in service to the Empyrean Standard Megacorporation. I am your Patron Commissionaire, but you may call me Mister Wilson. I deal with your requirements, requests, and responsibilities during contract negotiation and post-operation debriefing. On an operational basis, you will have access to your crew’s considerable skills, commissioned gear, commissioned vessel, and any other operational assets included in today’s negotiation. I hope to have a fruitful session of contract development followed by a no fuss successful operation.

Welcome aboard Free Spacer!


Quick, but detailed Ship and Crew creation system
A station system that ensures every Player has a role in all aspects of play
Eight original, highly detailed, and different, playable alien species
A vast yet customisable setting with sixteen multispecies factions and societies of varying influence to propel your stories
Four unique and upgradable starships with detailed layout maps
Upgradable and customisable multitools that level up with you
A contract negotiation system allowing the group to dictate their adventure and rewards including experience points
An innovative and streamlined D10 and D6 die pool core mechanic
An outcome system that lets you choose the consequences of every task.
Player focused mechanics; the GM never rolls
Generation systems for Alien Species, Sectors, and Maps