Chargen Preview: Commissioning Chapter

As some of you will know, I have been in production of an entirely original Sci-fi RPG called Free Spacer for quite a while now. Here it is, the first proof that, yes indeed, Free Spacer is imminent. What I have included for your approval is a vertical slice of the game, showing you (and me) a glimpse of the final work.

In this preview, I have included a beta layout for the Commissioning (character creation) Chapter; this Chapter walks you and your group through Ship and Crewmember creation. While you may notice that Free Spacer’s Commissioning System is a different from most other RPGs, you will probably notice some of its similarities too.

When designing Free Spacer and the Commissioning System in particular, I made many design choices with the goal to be innately science fiction while forwarding the new ideas of lighter more encompassing mechanics. To make the system contemporary and streamlined, I avoided the calculations of most Point Buy systems and used a series of aspects to derive required skills, traits, and other necessary attributes for not just the Player Character (Crewmember), but also a group template and Starship (Ship) in a single game session.

Besides the Commission Chapter, I also included a Crew and Ship worksheet for use in Commissioning. For perspective, I also included a Crew Sheet and one of five Ship Sheets for use in play. Feel free to leave feedback on Layout, Presentation, the Commissioning process, and your experience with the Excerpt as you check it out.

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